My Little Weekend

I’m finally settled in enough to start doing things on my day(s) off. I usually work six days a week, but this week I had three days off so I decided to put them to good use.

On Labor Day, my friend, Juliet, and I went to eat at The Green Bowl in downtown State College. The concept of this place is really cool – you fill up a bowl with whichever noodles, veggies and sauces you want, and the chef will stir fry it for you. I loaded mine up with water chestnuts, cilantro, bamboo shoots, zucchini, orange ginger sauce and peanut sauce.

The next night, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across Buzzfeed’s video for vegan mac and cheese. We had all of the ingredients on hand, so I gave it a shot (fully expecting it to not taste like mac and cheese). This dish was so easy and quick (and cheap!) to make. My grandmom, uncle and little cousin loved it (so much that I had to make another batch a few nights later). It tasted just like mac and cheese, and I am so excited about this because it’s something I thought I’d have to give up forever. Recipe:


I had yesterday off, too, so I made vegan cinnamon rolls + vegan cream cheese icing. YOU GUYS. Another thing I thought I’d have to give up, but I don’t. These things were fabulous.

 I’ve also been making banana pancakes A LOT because they’re so delicious that I think about them and crave them all day until I make some. These make great leftovers, as well. I’ll link the recipe that I use, but I do have a couple modifications. I don’t use spelt flour, I just use whole wheat flower. I also use almost a whole cup more milk than the recipe calls for. I find that the batter is way too thick without it. I also use almond milk instead of coconut milk, and I completely omit the oil.

This morning I went on a four-mile walk with Mabel. Afterwards, I drove out to Spring Hills to ride horses with my friend, Sarah. Horses are the cutest. They cuddle you as if they were dogs. I rode Pico, and Sarah rode Breezy. 🙂

I worked up quite the appetite while riding today, so when I was done I went to the farmers’ market downtown and picked up some spicy potato tacos and guac with watermelon and sesame seeds.

I’ve had the best few days off. I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow. 🙂


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